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We are building up our inventory and hope to be soon stocking Cheness Swords and products from MAS, (Martial Art Swords).

This will give us a range for the budget conscious beginner/collector right up to high end gear like MAS Katana & Wakizashi.


Cheness offer a huge range of quality swords from through hardened mono steel models to clay tempered high carbon and folded high carbon steel.

All Cheness swords are made for cutting / Tameshigiri and are great value for money.


MAS, or Martial Art Swords are a low production forge that specialise in high end, hand forged Katana, made from L6 steel.

They offer a lifetime " You break it, we'll replace it" guarantee on all their sword blades. (so long as you are not cutting steel or concrete!).

These can also be customised to required lengths/tsuka/koshirae configurations.