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All Oni Forge Katana SOLD - None In Stock! - Keep Looking Here For New Lines

Check out the new 'More' link on the Cheness, MAS page for special one of items

Cheness Kaze Ko Katana 9260 Differentially Hardened - 1 In stock $365.00 FREE - Delivery!  SOLD

Cheness SGC Yamakami Katana - 2 In stock $375.00 -  FREE Delivery!  SOLD

Cheness Shura Katana - NEW GEN. - No Bo Hi 9260 Through Hardened - 1 In Stock - $365.00 FREE Delivery! SOLD

Coming Soon!! - New Lines From New Forge & Special Limited Custom Orders Available in Forge Folded T10 Steel - Subject to minimum order requirements-

NEW Martial Art Sword L6 Dragonfly O Kissaki Katana available via order - $2000.00 inc. GST & Delivery!!!

Sabyr Imports is now able offer the full range of  MAS products. - Special Order Only

  • After something in particular? Want a competitive price and honest availability quote? - Email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
  • Imported Japanese Lacquered Hazuya and Jizuya now in stock - also Jitekko & Kanahada for nugui.

WE now also have Gold Gilt High Quality Imported Japanese Seppa in stock - $45 a pair, FREE delivery.

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Last updated 5.03.09